The Art of Hiring the Perfect Product Manager

1 min readJun 29


Selecting the perfect product manager is essential for companies aiming to stay ahead in the competitive market. A skilled PM will become the link between the different teams working on the project. They will optimize the development process, ensure that the solution meets the expectations of the customers, and help you increase revenue.

Here are some of the topics we’re covering:

  • Why you should hire a product manager
  • What their main functions and responsibilities are
  • The values such a specialist will bring
  • How an early-stage startup product manager differs from a regular one and how the role can evolve as you establish the business
  • A step-by-step on hiring the right person for the job
  • Tips on saving time and money during the hiring process
  • How much it costs to hire and maintain a decent product manager
  • An FAQ section answering even more questions on the topic

We’ve enriched the article with our knowledge and experience, as we’ve seen dozens of companies evolve from operating without a PM to hiring a proper specialist.




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