Elementor vs. Elementor Pro: What Plugin to Use for Your Upcoming Web Development Project?

2 min readJul 11


Are you torn between Elementor and Elementor Pro for your upcoming web development project? The decision can be challenging, given the free versus paid options. To help you understand the significance of choosing between these plugins, ProCoders, a team of professional developers, sheds light on the topic.

This comprehensive guide introduces Elementor and talks about its Pro counterpart to provide basic knowledge first, before diving into more difficult topics like:

  • The differences and benefits of WordPress Elementor Pro and the basic model
  • The importance of assessing your project requirements to avoid unnecessary complexities
  • The new features offered by the Pro model that are potentially useful for your project
  • The alternatives and whether they are worth it

We take a closer look at Elementor vs. Elementor Pro so that you don’t have to. Behind the WooCommerce Builder and getting access to advanced widgets and themes lie higher customer satisfaction and sales increase.

But does your business need all these features to achieve that? Our Head of Website Development answers the question and resolves the dilemma once and for all.

To facilitate your decision-making process even further, we offer a comparison table of the two solutions, as well as an FAQ section, highlighting the most important inquiries we get from product owners.




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